WWE New Day: Kofi Kingston Out of Commission For A While

It appears that while the wild and crazy threesome Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods is going to be down to now just a 2 some for a while because of a fracture that Kofi Kingston sustained on the April 3, 2017 when they called out to anyone to face them and “Revival” came out to oblige their request.
During the match, it was a definite back and forth match until the “Revival” took out the “New Day” members one at a time, until Kofi was left out in the middle of the ring himself. While in the ring by himself the onslaught from the “Rival” he suffered damage to the right ankle. The Doctor said from the MRI it shows that there are several bone fragments that are in by the ankle and that if they are not taken care of can do some massive damage to the joints in and around the ankle.

What is to Come Of Kofi?

As the doctor revealed the star is going to need surgery to take out all the fragments of bone that are not only causing pain but more damage to the ankle. The surgery will be arthroscopy which means that there is there is going to be minimal visible scaring and he is going to be healing the fastest. However; the doctor still did say that because of the extent of the injury the New Day member he is going to have to be out for a several weeks. Let’s hope that he does not get a little ring rust.  Here is hoping for a fast recovery Kofi.