Brock Lesnar: Should He Be Allowed to Wrestle or Not? You Decide

Brock Lesnar has become the talk of the sports circle since he and Golberg announced that they would be fighting against each other when they face one another at  Wrestlemainia 33  on April 2,2017. However; through his proven track record over the past year there is a lot of discussion on whether he should be allowed to even participate in the event.

Brock Lesnar ended up failing several drug tests within the year. The shocking part is that they were not only in the UFC, but it also happened in the WWE as well. However; while all of this was going on the only thing that the UFC made him do was pay a fine after testing positive for steroids in his body in during his fight against Mark Hunt.
But when he was suspended from the UFC for the year, he ended up transferring over to the WWE where his signature move the F-5 has done a lot of damage to a lot of the WWE roster. Believe it or not there have been 6 Pro Wrestlers that have been seriously injured due to his F-5. The wrestlers that have suffered severe injuries due to this move are: 
  •  Shawn Michaels- who while it seems minor suffered a nosebleed.
  • ·Roman Reigns – was knocked for a loop and then he was stiff-arm close line which if not careful because Reigns was hit right by the ear could have done some serious damage, that would not of been noticeable right away in the ring. 
  • 2014 The Big Show- While the show is a majority scripted there are times that things get out of hand. During Show’s match with Lesnar he sustained several chairshots and then Lesnar took one last shot to Show’s elbow causing a loud pop and Show screaming and cursing.
  • Kurt Angle – In 2003 when Kurt Angle returned from a neck injury both wrestlers admitted that the match seemed to be too real. Over the course of the match Lesnar cause more neck injured for Angle. 
  •  John Cena – Who during Extreme Rules ended up receiving multiple blows to the head.
  • ·         “Hardcore” Holly- Who has suffered several injuries from Lesnar. Holly’s injuries consist of the head and neck area.

And now, with Wrestlemainia 33, less than 2 weeks away and Paul Haman being as loud as obnoxious as ever there is a lot of talk from other sport sponsors that they do not want Lesnar in any of the events. In fact there is even talk that Brock Lesnar should face jail time, for the constant use of steroids, as well as the damage that he tends to cause with the people he faces in the in ring as steroids do tend to make your moods more aggressive and mean .