3 Budget Friendly Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Do you own a business online? Is it not getting the web traffic that you would like?  Believe or not there are 3 budget friendly ways that you can increase your websites web traffic almost overnight. Now you may say, “Yeah right.” But it is true. These techniques if done right can increase website traffic immensely in just a short time, and there is not much that you have to do at all.
Using Search Engine Optimization on Your Website
Now, if you are new to the whole Internet business aspect, you may of never heard of the search engine optimization techniques. These techniques can be used on your website to increase your web traffic. For some it sounds difficult however it is not hard at all.
            However; if you do not think that you are going to have the ability to do utilize this technique properly or if you are just too busy, there are small businesses out there that can take on your website and optimize your website so that your website will show up on search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

Social Networking is Your Friend
There is a lot of controversy as to whether social networking is reliable way to gain a customer base or not. But if you think about it. There are thousands of people each day that join a social networking site such as Facebook or even some blogging communities like Tumblr.
            It used to be that if you wanted up-to-date news you would turn on the television. However; over time that has change and now we turn to social media as it has become the new way that we get up-to-date news and what is going on around the world.        
            Now imagine if your company had a website on these social networking sites, and how many people you could reach in a day. Ultimately if you were to sign up with just 2 social networking sites you could reach thousands of people a day without really having to do that much.
Blogging Daily About the Company
As a business owner, you know how important it is to make sure that all of your company’s information is up-to-date, as well as anything that you have going on in your company that you would like your customers to know. That is why it is so important that when you set up your website you make sure that you have a current blog that is updated daily.
By making sure that you have a current blog on things going on in your company as well as any deals that may be going on you are also going to increase the chances of them buying something from your company and coming back for more, as well as them telling their friends as well, increasing your customer base as well.

So, as you see by just taking the time and making sure that you utilize just these 3 ways to increase your websites web traffic you could literally gain a larger number of customers in a very short time.

However; if you feel that this is just a little too much for  you as you are new to the whole internet business ordeal that is okay. There are businesses out there that will help you with some of the day to day advertising that has to be done every day. 

A Marketing and Advertising Company: Making a Real Difference

Over the past few years there have been a lot of advertising and marketing companies out there that do not look at the bigger picture they are all about the money. However; this past year there is a new company that is changing the way that marketing and advertisingis being done. Blue Monkey Writers Association is taking what we know about marketing and advertising and making it easier on the businesses that they are working with.
While the name is unique all their techniques and styles are extremely professional. Plus, who can literally argue with the fact that they have a 5.0 rating from all their customers on Facebook. But while doing some investigating they can also be found on Fiverr. However; it looks like they are new on there but their prices for jobs is inexpensive. Plus, from some of their posts on Fiverr it looks like they also do these services such as
·         Blogging and Article Services
·         Network Marketing
·         Logo Design

In fact, right now they have 5 gigs that are available. So, if you need any business services such as the ones that they have listed, if you are looking for a more personal touch than Blue Monkey Writers Association would be the one that you would want to go with.

It looks like given time and persistence they will be the next new online business that is for the company and not about the money. If you are interested in their services in a bigger scale you can contact them on their Facebook page as their business number is listed there or you can click here.
Welcome to My World!
Some would say that my world is a little dark and scary. But I feel that after blogging for nearly 10 years for other people and companies, I thought that it was time for me to have a personal blog of all of the information and things that I have learned over the years. However there are going to be some other random things that I am going to blog on as well . So sit back grab some popcorn and enjoy the pages of information I am going to put on here. Some of the things that I am going to cover are 
  • Up and Coming Businesses 
  • A Writers Tips 
  • Movie Reviews 
  • Business Owner Tips 
  • Book Reviews 
  • Blogging Do’s and Don’t and more…
If there is ever anything that you would like to see on here please take the time and contact me, I am always willing to write something that I have not before.