WWE: Allowing Men And Women Athletes to Use Steroids

For those that are WWE fans there are a lot of people that have been watching the wrestlers and we have all noticed changes some that are good, however; there are a lot that are bad. One of the many things that have people questioning the WWE and their ethics and health support for their athletes. Some of the viewers are wondering now if they are the company that they really say that they are.

More Steroid Cases Coming to the Surface
It appears that over the past two years that the WWE has had several cases of steroidal use by their men and woman athletes. Sadly, the WWE does say that they are a drug free environment and that they do not support any type of drug use at all. However, over the past 2 years these entertainers have been suspected and tested for steroids and sadly they have come back positive.
·         Brock Lesnar
·         Kurt Angle
·         Jinder Mahal (Under investigation as of 4-2017)
·         Randy Orton
·         Edge
·         Gregory Helms
The list can go on. But you would think that for a entertainment business that says that they are a drug free company that they would watch their wrestlers a little better. If you think about it that is like an 18-year-old with a gambling problem. He goes into see the doctor and they talk about the problem and then when the doctor is not looking he goes in to the casino again. After a while that doctor is going to catch on.
What We Are Teaching the Younger Generation
What we are teaching the younger generation is that it is okay to put these chemicals into their bodies when it is not really. The steroids that they are using now days is 10 times stronger that they use to be and they are lead to more deaths. For instance, some of the wrestlers that have passed due to the years of steroid use are:
·         The Ultimate Warrior
·         British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith
·         Kurt Henning
·         Rick Rude
·         Road Warrior Hawk

Now is this something that we really want to be teaching our kids? And is this something that should just be let go by the WWE? The answer is No, something needs to be done before it gets completely out of hand.