WWE: Allowing Men And Women Athletes to Use Steroids

For those that are WWE fans there are a lot of people that have been watching the wrestlers and we have all noticed changes some that are good, however; there are a lot that are bad. One of the many things that have people questioning the WWE and their ethics and health support for their athletes. Some of the viewers are wondering now if they are the company that they really say that they are.

More Steroid Cases Coming to the Surface
It appears that over the past two years that the WWE has had several cases of steroidal use by their men and woman athletes. Sadly, the WWE does say that they are a drug free environment and that they do not support any type of drug use at all. However, over the past 2 years these entertainers have been suspected and tested for steroids and sadly they have come back positive.
·         Brock Lesnar
·         Kurt Angle
·         Jinder Mahal (Under investigation as of 4-2017)
·         Randy Orton
·         Edge
·         Gregory Helms
The list can go on. But you would think that for a entertainment business that says that they are a drug free company that they would watch their wrestlers a little better. If you think about it that is like an 18-year-old with a gambling problem. He goes into see the doctor and they talk about the problem and then when the doctor is not looking he goes in to the casino again. After a while that doctor is going to catch on.
What We Are Teaching the Younger Generation
What we are teaching the younger generation is that it is okay to put these chemicals into their bodies when it is not really. The steroids that they are using now days is 10 times stronger that they use to be and they are lead to more deaths. For instance, some of the wrestlers that have passed due to the years of steroid use are:
·         The Ultimate Warrior
·         British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith
·         Kurt Henning
·         Rick Rude
·         Road Warrior Hawk

Now is this something that we really want to be teaching our kids? And is this something that should just be let go by the WWE? The answer is No, something needs to be done before it gets completely out of hand. 

Why the Undertaker Really Retired At WrestleMainia 33

If you are a fan of the wrestling industry than you were one of the millions that saw on April 2,2017 as the Undertaker fought his finalbattle and lost to Roman Reigns. There were a lot of mixed emotions as the Undertaker passed the torch to the young wrestler as cocky as he is. But what many of us as on lookers do not realize is there are many underlying reasons that the Undertaker left during the main event Wrestlemainia 33.
A Career Like None Other
The Undertaker has been in the wrestling business now for 30 years. With WrestleMainia 33 under his belt he would be the longest running competitor in the sport to date. Mark Calloway has always had a way to make his matches stand out like no other. For instance, the Hell in the Cell match with Mankind both he and Mankind promised that it was going to be a bloody match and it was.  For as long as the Undertaker has been in the wrestling industry he has been using ability to scare not only the audiences but his opponents alike.
No matter if he was the Phenom, The Deadman, The Undertaker, Texas Red or The Phantom he has always had a way to use the scare tactic in everything that he has done over the years and that is how he has evolved however now not many really know why he is really leaving the wrestling scene especially now.
The Real Reason Undertaker Retired From WWE
For years as the Undertaker has taken quite a beating from several opponents including
·         Mankind – Hell in the Cell
·        Brock Lesnar– WrestleMainia 30
·         Triple H – WrestleMainia XXVVII

Due to the several injuries that he has sustained over the years because of the high-risk maneuver’s that he did in the ring such as the “old school” as he walked across the ropes. Or the Tombstone piledriver that so many of his opponents have seen time and time again. But sadly, as all of us know over time as we all do something that we love over time we tend to get old and fall apart and while the Undertaker is in no means falling apart the business itself is taking its toll on him and it is because off moves like the “Spear” and the “F5” That he had to retire and had to have a double hip replacement. And for that the Undertaker should get a standing ovation. You are the Man You will always be the man Rest in Peace and We hope to see you some time. “Not wrestling of course.”  Not to mention his wife Michelle and kids would love to have him home for a  while as a stay at home dad now. Enjoy your time together as a family!

Brock Lesnar: Should He Be Allowed to Wrestle or Not? You Decide

Brock Lesnar has become the talk of the sports circle since he and Golberg announced that they would be fighting against each other when they face one another at  Wrestlemainia 33  on April 2,2017. However; through his proven track record over the past year there is a lot of discussion on whether he should be allowed to even participate in the event.

Brock Lesnar ended up failing several drug tests within the year. The shocking part is that they were not only in the UFC, but it also happened in the WWE as well. However; while all of this was going on the only thing that the UFC made him do was pay a fine after testing positive for steroids in his body in during his fight against Mark Hunt.
But when he was suspended from the UFC for the year, he ended up transferring over to the WWE where his signature move the F-5 has done a lot of damage to a lot of the WWE roster. Believe it or not there have been 6 Pro Wrestlers that have been seriously injured due to his F-5. The wrestlers that have suffered severe injuries due to this move are: 
  •  Shawn Michaels- who while it seems minor suffered a nosebleed.
  • ·Roman Reigns – was knocked for a loop and then he was stiff-arm close line which if not careful because Reigns was hit right by the ear could have done some serious damage, that would not of been noticeable right away in the ring. 
  • 2014 The Big Show- While the show is a majority scripted there are times that things get out of hand. During Show’s match with Lesnar he sustained several chairshots and then Lesnar took one last shot to Show’s elbow causing a loud pop and Show screaming and cursing.
  • Kurt Angle – In 2003 when Kurt Angle returned from a neck injury both wrestlers admitted that the match seemed to be too real. Over the course of the match Lesnar cause more neck injured for Angle. 
  •  John Cena – Who during Extreme Rules ended up receiving multiple blows to the head.
  • ·         “Hardcore” Holly- Who has suffered several injuries from Lesnar. Holly’s injuries consist of the head and neck area.

And now, with Wrestlemainia 33, less than 2 weeks away and Paul Haman being as loud as obnoxious as ever there is a lot of talk from other sport sponsors that they do not want Lesnar in any of the events. In fact there is even talk that Brock Lesnar should face jail time, for the constant use of steroids, as well as the damage that he tends to cause with the people he faces in the in ring as steroids do tend to make your moods more aggressive and mean .