Website Review: Fiverr Online Business

Ease to Sign up and Legitimacy

As a person that has had many years of experience with running a business and maintaining it I will be honest, they had me fooled. At first when you sign up you think that you are going to get right to work once you start writing what they call “GIGS” However; what they do not tell you is that it could take months just to get one person to click on to your gig. I have been on the website for over 2 months and still have not received one “OFFER.”
You would like that you would get at least one offer in 2 months. I have put out 5 different gigs to see which one would get a better receptiveness with the client base. But instead twice my gigs have been pulled off of their website because they have said that I was using other individuals work … when I have the proof that all the work that I provide is 100% original organic workthat is not plagiarized and that I am the original author to the work. It makes you wonder how they get their information as to whether something is not someone else when it is never published anywhere else.
False Advertising
When you first sign up they say you can start making money right away. However, that is not the case. If you are one of the lucky ones of the draw and the buyer decides to go ahead and use your services make sure that their payments are verified because otherwise you could be waiting a while before you get paid for the job.
Overall Rating

Like I have said with my other review on Chen Garden in Fort Dodge Iowa. I am honest. I am not out to harm anyone. However, I am going to tell it like it is. And in all honestly, if you have other ways of making money online I would strongly suggest that you go ahead with that one first before you waste your time and energy with Fiverr.