Facebook Game Review: Chumba Casino

Please Read Before You Play! 
                So, during the afternoon a friend of mine ask me to try out the Facebook game Chumba Casino and see what I thought… So here are my thoughts on the game that “Win Real Cash Money” Take it for what it is worth.
                While the game states that it is an online gambling site. If played smart you will not get addicted to the thought of winning money. However, as I found out through playing for just an hour, of course broken down in to 2- 30 min sessions and 20.00 later there are several things that they do not tell you. Which these things I feel you should know before you play their slots.
                Yes, they do give you 2.00 of actual money to start out. (basically, to get you hooked) Then from there to get winning payouts you literally must put more money on your account and they tell you that your payout will go to PayPal. However; as I found out that is not the case. First while you are playing you must go through a verification through their system that your age and PayPal is legit. From there the other thing that they do not tell you is you must wait for the verification to cash out.
During my time on the site there were a few issues that I noticed:
  1. ·         Lucky Charms – Not only does it run slow, when you get the four-leaf clovers the amount that is on them is not always what you get back.
  2. ·         Fortunes of the Fae – Runs too fast and 6 out of 8 spins you will end up not getting anything.
  3. ·         Nefertiti’s Gold- There is a little better payout. Spin ratio is about the same as Fortunes of the Fae.
  4. ·         Chilli Mama’s- Takes a moment to get the rhythm. However; if you get to one of the bonuses with the free spin you do get at least 5.00 back in your account.
  5. ·         Golden Wish – Graphics are good, spinning wise it is not as slow and there seems to be no glitching. Payout wise it is one of the better payouts, but be careful.

All of these games are basically, penny slots and a few of them seem to be set up to take more than to give. So, before you decide to play be aware that you are actually going to pay in more than what you are going to win. Again if you or someone else that you know has a gambling problem please get the help that you need 1800-522-4700 or you can go to their website by clicking here