Blogging Tips Recap Part 2 Blogs 9-16


To my new readers just in case you missed it here is a recap of the Blogging Tips that were covered. This is going to cover blogs 9-16. I hope that this segment has helped both the new writers and the avid bloggers. In this segment, it was my goal to help those that did not know about the ins and outs of being a freelance writer.

Blogging Tips 9 : Recap of Blogging tips 1-8

These blogs cover these topics for those that are new to the blog.

  • Blogging Tips
  • Content is King
  • Understanding SEO Optimization
  • Best Social Networks to Use as a Writer
  • Blogging For Profit
  • How to reach 30.000 Views in a Month
  • Brainstorming for Topics
  • Don’t Get Discouraged as a Writer

Blogging Tips 10; Making a List of Past Blogs

  • Never Repeat Work
  • Shows Your Success as a Writer

Blogging Tips 11 Write a Topic List Everyday “Free Writing”

  • The Importance of Taking 30 Minutes to Free Write
  • Ideas for Free Writing

Blogging Tips 12 Pros and Cons of Writing for a Client vs Yourself

  • Writing for a Client
  • Writing for Yourself
  • Which way works best for you

Blogging Tips 13 3 Important Reasons to Take a Day of Rest

  • Reduces Writers Block
  • Reduces Chance of Getting Burnt Out
  • Reduces the Chance to Quit Writing

Blogging Tips 14 Write Medical News

  • Interesting Content
  • Reliable Content
  • Easy to Read
  • Up to date information

Blogging Tips 15 Gaining a Reliable Audience

  • Writing Trustworthy Content
  • Backup with Researched Information
  • Leave a Piece of Yourself on Your Blog

Blogging Tips 16 Don’t Be Afraid to Cover Topics

  • The Importance of Being a Voice
  • Make a Difference For People

These are all of the topics that have been covered in all of the Blogging Tips. If at any time you have any questions or comments or you would like to see something as a blog let me know! I will do all I can to make your request a reality.

Investing Tips Part 2 Keeping Calm When Investing



When dealing with the stock market there are a lot of things that you are going to experience being that it is going to be your first time dealing in the stock market. However; anyone that has been in the stock market for a while is going to tell you to take it slow as a beginner.

As discussed in the Blog Investing Tips Part 1 Things to Know First we went over the importance of studying the stocks for the past year before investing in to it. Plus, we talked about understanding the risks of investing in the stock market. In this next segment, we are going to go over the importance of staying calm when you are dealing with the stock market.

download (11)

Stay Calm When Dealing With The Stock Market

Now you may be thinking that staying calm when you are dealing with the stock market may be silly. But it is very important. By staying calm in the stock market, it is proven that you can make better more informed decisions when it comes to buying or selling stock. You will find that when you are dealing with the stock market there is a lot of high energy and you are going to hear a lot of new terminology such as “Bear Market” Or “Bull Market”.

As a new individual in the Stock Market you are going to want to learn the Stock Market Terminology. We are going to be covering the Stock Market Terminology in the Next Blog Investing Tips Part 3 ; Need to Know Stock Market Terminology.

Blogging Tips Part 12: Pros and Cons of Writing For a Client vs. Writing For Yourself


So, in the past few weeks I have had a few ask about the pro’s and the con’s of working for a client vs. working for myself and I have come up with a few pointers that I hope will help those that would like to see why I make more working for myself than working with a client.

Are You Writing For a Client or Yourself?

There is a big difference here if you are working for a client there are some things that you are going to have to keep in mind.

  • You are working on their budget and what they can afford
  • You are working on their timeline
  • They can change their mind at a moment’s notice unless you have a contract signed.
  • And a lot of the time they skip out and don’t pay unless you get a contract.
  • Clients a lot of the time will only say that they can only be the one that you can work with until the project is done. Which limits how much you can make.

If you are Writing for Yourself you can do a lot more

  • You can set the price that you are paid by your clients and they pay it first before the work is release to them, as a safety to make sure you get your money.
  • You set how long it is going to take you for each project.
  • You can always have contracts with all of your clients to make sure you get paid for all of your work.
  • You can work with as many clients as you want, being that you are your own boss

So see the pros and cons of each side you can see that really working for yourself can really be a good thing as long as you do not get overwhelmed. So, in all honesty you can make more working for yourself if you do it smart. I hope this helps!

Tips For Raising a Toddler Part 2; Keeping Your Toddler Hydrated For Summer



As many of us know summer is the season where everyone is on the go. But so many of us do not think about the little ones that cannot quite talk yet. In this segment of Tips for Raising A Toddler we are going to go over the best ways to keep our little one from getting dehydrated.

Walking During the Summer

While walking is good for you, and the weather gets nicer you are going to find that you are going to be doing a lot of walking. In fact, during the summer you will find that as you walk you will save on gas money. If you are someone with a young child I would suggest what a have called a hydration pack In the hydration pack you will find:

  • 3 Bottles of Water
  • 1 Bottle of Pedialite
  • Sunscreen
  • Sun Glasses
  • 3 Ice Packs
  • 2 Popsicles

While that does not seem like a lot, let me explain what each of the items is for. The 3 bottles of water, 1 bottle for you and 2 for your little one. You may not think about it but your toddler being so small will get thirsty faster. The 1 bottle of Pedialite this is used if your child gets tired of water. Pedialite is used in the hospitals to help with dehydration. So, by using it as a preventative it will make sure your little one stays hydrated.

The Sunglasses and Sunscreen are used to help protect your skin and eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. You would be surprised as to how many children and adult will get burnt every summer.

As for the Icepacks and the Popsicles it is simple really, the ice packs are used to keep all of your cold items cold. And the popsicles are used while you are walking to keep your little one from wanting to figit while walking. You will find that this hydration pack is going to be a lifesaver as the summer does no.

And just in case you missed it if you have a toddler that is a challenge in the tub, check out: Tips for Raising a Toddler Part 1 Making Bath Time Fun

Blogging Tips Part 11 Writing a Topic List Every Day “Free Writing”

Never worry about writers block


Now for some you may be wondering how is it that you do not get writers block? In this segment of Blogging Tips, we are going to go over what taking just 30 minutes and doing what writers can a “Free Writing Session” List every day can do to help you in keeping the writer’s block away.

A lot of the time when you are getting ready to do your *Free Writing* time writers will turn on music or some will turn on the news. During this you will just let your mind wander. During this time, you are going to find that you are going end up writing down things that you are not going to write about now about right now but later. For instance, there might be going to be happening in the new with the President later and you write down

  1. President – Speech

Or there could be something about

  1. The Many Ways to Prepare Mussels

Within a 30-minute timeframe you are going to find that you are going to find that there are going to find some very strange but unique things that will come in to your mind. At times, you will think that you will not be able to use them to write. But over time guaranteed you will find a way to use it whether it is in an;

  • Article
  • Blog
  • How to
  • Recipe
  • Book
  • Segment
  • Poem or something else

Make sure that you keep a notebook handy for the times that you have your “Free Writing” times. You will find that just within 3 day’s time you will have numerous topics that you will be able to write about without having to worry about writers block





Blogging Tips Part 10 : Make a list of Past Blogs for the Month


As a freelance writer, there are so many techniques that you can use to make sure that you do not repeat any of your work. One of the best ways of doing that is taking the time and making a list of work with links that can take you to that blog. However; there is more things that a written list can do for you as writer.

Never Repeat Work

By making a list of blogs for the month you can make sure that you are going to repeat any of your topics. However; there are other things that having a monthly list. One of the other things you can do is you can have a continued topic for instance if you are covering a medical topic such as Hand of Hope and you are following it you can make an Update blog on the Hand of Hope and call it Hand of Hope Part 2 Update.

You would be surprised as to how many blogs you can continue with and branch on topics. Which in turn will make more money for you as a blogger.

Shows Your Success as a Writer

Throughout the month one of the main things to do to keep yourself going as a writer is to show yourself how much you are writing a month. By doing that as a writer you will not get discouraged as a writer. You will find that just by doing something this simple can help you in so many ways.


Blogging Tips 9 : A Recap of all of the Blog So Far

A Recap of all of the Blogging Tips Segments so far


For all of the new readers that have joined my blogs to find out what the next Blogging Tips are going to be I decided to go ahead and do a recap on all of the Blogging Tips so far. That way in case you missed a tip you can refer to this blog and read it. I hope this writing segment has helped a lot of the new and seasoned writers.


Blogging Tips Part 1; 3 Blogging Tips For New Writers

  • How important it is to Organize Your Thoughts
  • Researching the Content
  • Giving Citations When and Where it is Needed


Blogging Tips Part 2: Content is King

  • Backlinking Your Work
  • Setting up a Secondary Blog
  • Use Search Engine Optimization
  • Make a Solid Portfolio

Blogging Tips Part 3 – Understanding Search Engine Optimization

  • What is Seo Optimization
  • 6 Factors Needed for a Great Optimized Article

Blogging Tips Part 4 – Best Social Networks to Use as a Writer

  • Facebook Groups and Organizations
  • Twitter

Blogging Tips Part 5- Blogging for a Profit

  • Using More Than 1 Blogging Platform
  • How Much Money Can Be Made

Blogging Tips Part 6-  Freelance Writers Get 30,000 Views in 1 Month

  • Content is King
  • Using Facebook and Twitter
  • Using Referral Key

Blogging Tips Part 7-  Brainstorming for Topics

  • Watch the News/Read the Newspaper
  • Keep Tabs on Social Media
  • Write Political Blogs – Be a Voice That is Heard

Blogging Tips Part 8- Don’t Get Discouraged When Writing

  • What to Do During Down Time- No clients
  • Writing a How to Blog
  • Writing about Medical News on your Blog

Here is the list of Blogging Tips so far. There will be more so please come back soon  to make sure you do not miss any tips. If you can think of anything that you would like to know about writing please send me a comment on this blog and I will be sure to answer your request within a day. I feel it is so important to help other writers starting out. So please do not be shy. Ask!

Blogging Tips Part 8 : Don’t Get Discouraged When Writing

download (2)

As a freelance writer, you are going to find that you are going to have up and down times. Even if you are the best in the writing industry. Every writer no matter how hard they try are going to have down times over the year. It is important that you do not get discouraged in your down time.

One of the best ways to not get discouraged when writing is take time and do some free writing or what some call brainstorming on topics and ideas. That way when you have time you can still write on your personal blog. In hopes that you will gain more exposure for new clients and web traffic. You would be surprised as to how many clients will come to you after reading your personal blog that is public. However; in this Blogging Tips Part 8 Don’t Get Discouraged When Writing, we are going to go over other things that you can do to help pass the time until your next freelance writing job.

images (7)

Watch the News

On the off times that you do not have a client it is best that you take the time and write to keep others informed. There are some that miss the news because of work. However; by taking the time to write a blog on something in the news for instance new medical technology. There are a lot of scientists that are working on new things to help people.


Or you may find something in the news about the President and the new things going on around the world that you can write about for people. There are a lot of political people out there that do not always catch the political news and you have a way to tell others what is going on and in process you will gain new viewers.

Writing How To Blogs

Writing a How-to Blog is one of the best ways to help people. Even the simplest things need a how to. If you have ever had something that you wish you had a how-to manual there are millions of people with the same issue. That is why if you can write a how to than it would be helping a lot of people.

You will find that by doing just these two things as writer helping others you will have gained a larger amount of web traffic but will also gain a larger profit from your blog. Just remember if you are starting to feel discouraged, you can help people and make a profit while doing it.

Etsy Shops Are The Way to Shop


With the economy, the way it has been, everyone is looking for different ways to not spend a lot of money but get nice things for the ones that they love. One of the best ways to do that is to shop online at Etsy. Etsy is an online selling platform that strictly sells things that are handmade. You can find a wide variety of items that are all uniquely made and that are all one of a kind.

One Individual that has some really unique items for that hard to shop for individual is AKAHANDMADECREATIONS ALL of her items on the shop that she has is made to order. While she does have one or two of one item, most of them are made to order. All of the items are made with one thing in mind. “ To make a piece that a person will be proud to wear. Some of the items that she has available right now are;

One of the best parts is you can not only find her on Etsy you can also find her on Facebook too. So, take a look at some of her work. You will be surprised at how much you will save at her shop.

3 Seasoned Pork Loin Recipe


Serves 5

Note to cook: Simple and Easy. Feed your family a mouthwatering meal with this pork loin recipe that will keep them coming back for more. Outside coating will be crispy but meat will be tender and delicious.


1 4lb Pork Loin Roast

2 TBSP Creole Seasoning

2 TBSP Rosemary

2 TBSP Thyme

1 1/3 Cup Water



  1. In a 9×13 pan add your roast and water
  2. In a shaker jar add your creole, thyme and your rosemary. Mix well
  3. Sprinkling the seasoning mix on roast make sure you are not stingy with the spices
  4. Place in oven at 400 degrees for 2 hours.
  5. Enjoy