Blogging Tips Part 11 Writing a Topic List Every Day “Free Writing”

Never worry about writers block


Now for some you may be wondering how is it that you do not get writers block? In this segment of Blogging Tips, we are going to go over what taking just 30 minutes and doing what writers can a “Free Writing Session” List every day can do to help you in keeping the writer’s block away.

A lot of the time when you are getting ready to do your *Free Writing* time writers will turn on music or some will turn on the news. During this you will just let your mind wander. During this time, you are going to find that you are going end up writing down things that you are not going to write about now about right now but later. For instance, there might be going to be happening in the new with the President later and you write down

  1. President – Speech

Or there could be something about

  1. The Many Ways to Prepare Mussels

Within a 30-minute timeframe you are going to find that you are going to find that there are going to find some very strange but unique things that will come in to your mind. At times, you will think that you will not be able to use them to write. But over time guaranteed you will find a way to use it whether it is in an;

  • Article
  • Blog
  • How to
  • Recipe
  • Book
  • Segment
  • Poem or something else

Make sure that you keep a notebook handy for the times that you have your “Free Writing” times. You will find that just within 3 day’s time you will have numerous topics that you will be able to write about without having to worry about writers block





Blogging Tips Part 8 : Don’t Get Discouraged When Writing

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As a freelance writer, you are going to find that you are going to have up and down times. Even if you are the best in the writing industry. Every writer no matter how hard they try are going to have down times over the year. It is important that you do not get discouraged in your down time.

One of the best ways to not get discouraged when writing is take time and do some free writing or what some call brainstorming on topics and ideas. That way when you have time you can still write on your personal blog. In hopes that you will gain more exposure for new clients and web traffic. You would be surprised as to how many clients will come to you after reading your personal blog that is public. However; in this Blogging Tips Part 8 Don’t Get Discouraged When Writing, we are going to go over other things that you can do to help pass the time until your next freelance writing job.

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Watch the News

On the off times that you do not have a client it is best that you take the time and write to keep others informed. There are some that miss the news because of work. However; by taking the time to write a blog on something in the news for instance new medical technology. There are a lot of scientists that are working on new things to help people.


Or you may find something in the news about the President and the new things going on around the world that you can write about for people. There are a lot of political people out there that do not always catch the political news and you have a way to tell others what is going on and in process you will gain new viewers.

Writing How To Blogs

Writing a How-to Blog is one of the best ways to help people. Even the simplest things need a how to. If you have ever had something that you wish you had a how-to manual there are millions of people with the same issue. That is why if you can write a how to than it would be helping a lot of people.

You will find that by doing just these two things as writer helping others you will have gained a larger amount of web traffic but will also gain a larger profit from your blog. Just remember if you are starting to feel discouraged, you can help people and make a profit while doing it.

3 Blogging Tips For New Writers

New to Writing? These 3 Tips will help your writing immensely.


Hopefully if you are reading this you are going to be getting into the wonderful world of Blogging and Article Writing as a Freelance Writer. If you are let me be the first to say congratulations at choosing to be your own boss.  However; there are a few things that you should know as a freelance writer before you get in too far.

The one thing that a lot of writers are going to tell you is “Content is King.” This phrase while it is overused a lot in many ways it has a good meaning behind it. Keep in mind with every piece that you write for a client you want to make sure that it is well researched and well written content. You will find that clients are not going to want to pay for half way done work. That is why I have composed this blog 3 Important Blogging Tips to try and help those out that need it.

Organizing Your Thoughts2015_11_30_osoba_wypelniajaca_formularz

No matter what the topic that your client has given you, take the time and organize and break your article, blog or essay down into sections and work on in different parts. By doing it this way you do not overwork yourself, you do not catch yourself stressing out as much. Plus, you will find that you will get the work done in half of the time that it would of taken you if you had not had it organized. This is a major time saver for those that have families 😊

Research Your Topics

This does not mean go to Wikipedia and use their information. Use different sources other than the internet. Yes, there are some very reliable places to go to on the world-wide web. However; there is a lot of fake information out there as well, and well you do not want to end up giving your client some wrong information and it end up hurting them in the long run. Because by them having a bad experience with your work they will tell others and you will not get that much work or a low rating from other clients.

Always Remember to Give Citations When Needed

You would be surprised as to how many writers get into what they call their Zen when they are writing and they completely space off and forget to do the citations. Always remember to do them no matter what even if you must write yourself a reminder before sending your client the finished product that way you do not look bad for forgetting it.

These 3 things are so important in the writing industry no matter if you are a freelance writer, a journalist for another company or a columnist for a newspaper you will find that just by using these 3 blogging tips your career as a writer will take off and you will go places you never thought you would.