Blogging Tips 9 : A Recap of all of the Blog So Far

A Recap of all of the Blogging Tips Segments so far


For all of the new readers that have joined my blogs to find out what the next Blogging Tips are going to be I decided to go ahead and do a recap on all of the Blogging Tips so far. That way in case you missed a tip you can refer to this blog and read it. I hope this writing segment has helped a lot of the new and seasoned writers.


Blogging Tips Part 1; 3 Blogging Tips For New Writers

  • How important it is to Organize Your Thoughts
  • Researching the Content
  • Giving Citations When and Where it is Needed


Blogging Tips Part 2: Content is King

  • Backlinking Your Work
  • Setting up a Secondary Blog
  • Use Search Engine Optimization
  • Make a Solid Portfolio

Blogging Tips Part 3 – Understanding Search Engine Optimization

  • What is Seo Optimization
  • 6 Factors Needed for a Great Optimized Article

Blogging Tips Part 4 – Best Social Networks to Use as a Writer

  • Facebook Groups and Organizations
  • Twitter

Blogging Tips Part 5- Blogging for a Profit

  • Using More Than 1 Blogging Platform
  • How Much Money Can Be Made

Blogging Tips Part 6-  Freelance Writers Get 30,000 Views in 1 Month

  • Content is King
  • Using Facebook and Twitter
  • Using Referral Key

Blogging Tips Part 7-  Brainstorming for Topics

  • Watch the News/Read the Newspaper
  • Keep Tabs on Social Media
  • Write Political Blogs – Be a Voice That is Heard

Blogging Tips Part 8- Don’t Get Discouraged When Writing

  • What to Do During Down Time- No clients
  • Writing a How to Blog
  • Writing about Medical News on your Blog

Here is the list of Blogging Tips so far. There will be more so please come back soon  to make sure you do not miss any tips. If you can think of anything that you would like to know about writing please send me a comment on this blog and I will be sure to answer your request within a day. I feel it is so important to help other writers starting out. So please do not be shy. Ask!

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