Blogging Tips Part 10 : Make a list of Past Blogs for the Month


As a freelance writer, there are so many techniques that you can use to make sure that you do not repeat any of your work. One of the best ways of doing that is taking the time and making a list of work with links that can take you to that blog. However; there is more things that a written list can do for you as writer.

Never Repeat Work

By making a list of blogs for the month you can make sure that you are going to repeat any of your topics. However; there are other things that having a monthly list. One of the other things you can do is you can have a continued topic for instance if you are covering a medical topic such as Hand of Hope and you are following it you can make an Update blog on the Hand of Hope and call it Hand of Hope Part 2 Update.

You would be surprised as to how many blogs you can continue with and branch on topics. Which in turn will make more money for you as a blogger.

Shows Your Success as a Writer

Throughout the month one of the main things to do to keep yourself going as a writer is to show yourself how much you are writing a month. By doing that as a writer you will not get discouraged as a writer. You will find that just by doing something this simple can help you in so many ways.


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